Sunday, December 28, 2008

Best FDs rate

Working hard to achieve what you want is not easy. This is also know as Man at Work.
Money at Work is a better option. One way is to get your money to work harder for you. How ?
Invest in a higher FDs rate to get better return.

Below are some of the bank FD rate for 12 months term (% PA)
Affin Bank 3.5 %
Am Bank 3.5 %
CIMB Bank 3.5 %
Citibank 3.5 %
EON Bank 3.5 %
Maybank 3.5 %
Public Bank 3.5 %

MAA also have this FD Endowment plan where it will guaranteed you a 4.0% return for a 12 months period. On top of that there will be a 125% life insurance coverage. There is no service fee or management fee. Your capital, dividend and protection is guaranteed ! So hurry offer is for a limited period only.