Friday, December 12, 2008

MAA : Insurance & U

Good news !!!
MAA still have this Sihat Malaysia medical plan. A lot of others insurance company are not renewing this plan but MAA still honour its promise.
I received a call from Mr A, a remisier from XYZ Securities Sdn Bhd asking me to renew his family Sihat Malaysia medical plan. He bought this policy from MNI, now know as Maybank Assurance or Eqtika. This company is not renewing the Sihat policy any more. They have made arrangement with MAA to take over their renewal of Sihat Malaysia policy. Those policyholder who renew with us will enjoy the 12 % family discount and also the 10% renewal discount. On top of this we will provide the take -over benefits , that is no 120 days waiting period for the major sickness.
I'm glad that I ,ve help Mr A to renew his policy and also thank him for the cofidence in me and MAA.
Bye Now.