Friday, January 16, 2009

Annual Planning Conference

Attended MAA Annual Planning Conference at Port Dickson in a leading hotel for the past 3 days. Day 1 the whole day was on motivation and leadership . The speakers were Mohd Amin & Raymond Ng from Singapore.
Day 2 we did a reviewed on our last year performance and this year budget. Last year my group sales was 30% increase, thanks to 2 outstanding consultants who join my group. This year I plan for my Chief Consultant post with 2 promotable Managing Consultants and to recruits 12 new consultants. Last year was a memorable year for me also because I did a Total Permanent Disability claim for one of my policyholder. The claims was expedite within a month and when I hand the cheque to the family, they are very grateful to me.No wonder they say this is a very noble profession.
Day 3 we have a new product launching which will be a retirement plan. Waiting for Bank Negara Malaysia approval before we can sell. You can apply housing loan from our sister company MAA Universal. Their interest rate is very competitive. Get more detail from here their website.