Tuesday, February 24, 2009

3 Generations Income Plan

MAA have this wonderful product which can provide income for 3 generations. It is call 20 PayMaster Guaranteed. A Certainty Of Life!


The world around us is constantly evolving. Life evolves and is unpredictable. You however, can guarantee yourself some peace of mind by protecting your family and your loved ones against any mishaps. Your family depends on you, and there's no substitute for your love and support. With 20 PayMaster Guaranteed we will take that worry from you. 20 PayMaster Guaranteed is a plan that allows you to at the very least, guarantee permanent financial security for your loved ones.

20 PayMaster Guaranteed gives you more than just guaranteed lifetime insurance protection…it's also an attractive savings plan. This plan rewards you in the form of guaranteed annual cash payments until you reach age 88. What's really great about 20 PayMaster Guaranteed is the longer you invest in the policy, the higher will be the potential returns. It really comes in handy for your children's further education or your own retirement, or perhaps even as a down payment for a dream home.

This plan can be an effective way of protecting your family's assets by giving you certainty in more ways than one, such as…


Guaranteed Annual Cash Payments (GACP)

This plan rewards you with guaranteed annual cash payments. The guaranteed annual cash payments are yours to use as you wish…like purchasing a supplementary term insurance, or simply cash it in. Better still, leave it to accumulate1 in the policy, and let the cash grow further, just for you!

Entry Age

Policy Year


Guaranteed Annual Cash Payment


Policy Year
20th - 30th

Guaranteed Annual Cash Payments
6% - 8 % ( % of sum insured)

The interest rate for accumulation is not guaranteed and is dependent on the performance of the policy.

Guaranteed Limited Premium Paying Term

With 20 PayMaster Guaranteed, you only have to pay basic premiums for 20 years - with the assurance that basic coverage is guaranteed up to age 88. You can opt to pay your premium annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly. Simply put, it’s peace of mind - for you and your loved ones whom you care so much about.

Guaranteed Lifetime Coverage

It provides you with whole life coverage until age 88…guaranteed!

Maturity Benefit

If you keep the policy until age 88, you’ll be rewarded with maturity benefit in the form of 100% of the sum assured. It’s our way of saying thank you for staying with MAA Assurance.
Protect the Financial Security of Your FamilyIn the event of untimely death, it protects the financial security of your family by providing the sum assured.2 The proceeds can help ease the crippling effects of financial strains like home mortgage payment, so your family can keep the house and maintain the lifestyle they are used to. It can also help cover your child’s education expenses; so that one day, your child will grow up to become an endearing personality.

Protection Against Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)

In the event of TPD before age 60, it pays you the sum assured. You can use the proceeds to take care of medical costs, or settle outstanding financial commitments.
Sum assured is defined as the Basic Sum Assured (SA) if the Basic SA plus GACP paid is greater than the total basic premium paid (TPP) under the annual payment mode. Otherwise, TPP will be payable.

Who is Eligible ?

You can be insured with 20 PayMaster Guaranteed if you are between 0 (30 days) and 50 years old.

Looking To Enhance Your Coverage ?

Because we understand your need for flexibility, we have given you the option to tailor the plan to suit your particular lifestyle by making a whole range of riders available - just for you!

For more informations please sms me 019-3234605 your details and I plan a proposal for you