Friday, March 27, 2009



Under this special MAA PayBack Personal Accident 100, you will receive 100% cash back on all premiums paid (based on annual mode premium)

All you need to do is simply pay an affordable amount to get the protection that you require
Upon maturity (after 20 years), you will get back all premiums you have paid (based on annual mode premium), should there be no claim made
In addition,you will find that this is the most flexible plan where you can terminate your policy at any time and receive a cash value. A policy that is terminated within the first three years will not have any cash value.If the policy is terminated in the early years,you may get back less than the amount you have already paid.


This benefit ensures you receive double of the Accident sum assured in the event of Death or Disability due to traffic accident at any Toll Highway/Expressway*in Malaysia.For example: North South Highway, New Klang Valley Highway,Seremban Port Dickson Highway, Damasara Puchong Highway,Karak Highway, KESAS, SPRINT and many more….
Just imagine the peace of mind that it will bring you and your family at a very affordable premium.

Whilst engaged in Sport or Hobbies,including:
All Amateur Sports except Martial Arts and Boxing
Water Sports including Yachting and Water Skiing
Scuba Diving(up to50 metres in depth)
Mountain Climbing
Polo Playing

Accidents caused by Natural Events
1. Natural Disaster including La Nina,El Nino,Flood and Earthquake

Other Extended Coverage
1. Strike,Riot and Civil Commotion
2. Murder and Assault(unprovoked)
3. Drowning
4. Suffocation through Smoke Fumes or Poisonous Gas
5. Food and Drink Poisoning