Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MAA CancerCare policy


''It won't happen to me.''That's the first reaction when one thinks of cancer.Unfortunately,in today's day and age,no one can say with confidence that cancer can be avoided.However,with medical advances,it is possible to diagnose most froms of cancer early and treat them successfully.
Cancer is a sickness that does not discriminate.It does not care about the body in which it calls home.It only cares about satisfying its greed and satisfying its need to multiply,It is merciless in its mission to take over its host completely until the host no longer exists.
Cancer.It is a dreaded word that many consider a death sentence
There are 210 types of diseases classified under the umbrella name of cancer.Cancer strikes 11 million adults and children every year throughout the world and six million die from it annually.Closer to home,45,000 Malaysians are told every year that they have cancer.In Malaysia,cancer is the second leading cause of death after heart disease.
The statistics are frightening and the odds of surviving cancer are one in four.Is it any wonder that people with cancer find it difficult to face this dreaded disease bravely?
Financial security help beat cancer
Financial preparedness is,therefore,very critical in the fight to overcome cancer.And this is what CancerCare helps you with.The plan keeps you financially prepared and covers you against expensive cancer treatment bills,so that you can focus on getting better without worrying about the money.Through its extensive coverage of both early and advanced cancers,the plan provides the necessary financial resources so that you get the best possible medical treatment as early as possible,and maximize your chances of survival.
With CancerCare,you not only safeguard your well-being but also your savings,which stays intact,for this comprehensive plan pays for diagnosis of early and advanced Cancer.
Protect yourself with CancerCare today.It is the surest way to keep yourself well-armed against Malaysia's most rapidly growing illness.
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For personal assistance,please contact your nearest MAA Takaful Consultant.For further enquiries,please call TONY TONG at 019-3234605 or email us ttong3@gmail.com

What is CancerCare
CancerCare is a medical plan that provides lump sum benefit payments if the person covered is diagnosed with Cancer,Gender Specific Cancer or Carcinoma In Situ (CIS).In addition,we also provide a hassle free claim for funeral expenses.
Gender Specific Cancer

Carcinoma In Situ (CIS) Benefits

Funeral Expenses

RM10,000 is payable upon death due to any cause.

Why you should choose CancerCare

  • Comprehensive cancer plan that covers all forms of cancer

  • Uniquely designed,to ply benefits at both early and advanced stage of cancer
    Cover up RM500,000 against cancer,for a contribution as low as RM67 per year
    Tax Relief of up RM3,000.The tax relief is subject to Participant's eligibility and approval from Inland Revenue Board.
    50% Surplus Sharing to the participant if no claims are made

What is covered under CancerCare