Friday, May 8, 2009

Domestic Maid Insurance Scheme (DMIS)

Domestic Maid Insurance Scheme
This scheme has been designed to provide comprehensive protection for you and your maid 24 hours a day.You can rest assured that you/your maid will be getting all-round solid protection from one of the leading and largest Insured in Malaysia and at very good rates.

This scheme provides coverage for accidental death,permanent disablement,repatriation,hospital surgical and weekly benefits.In addition,we also cover your Vicarious Liability to third parties (for bodily injury or damage to property) arising out of your maid's negligence.


Premium Rate
The annual premium charged under the Domestic Maid Insurance Scheme is RM 60.00 for twelve (12) months and RM 80.00 for twenty-four (24)months per maid (including RM 10.00 Stamp Duty).