Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Courage To Act Now

Give yourself the courage to crash into each day's problems and do the things today that have to be done. The curse of life is procrastination, under the spell of which some men sit and wait for fairer days, wasting life as they wait, while its beads slip unchecked through listless fingers.Life wastes them as they waste life.Someday, you are going to set a record. Someday, you are going to surprise everyone. Someday, you are going to startle the world with your accomplishments. Someday, you are going to lick forever the troublesome problems that worry you. Someday, you are going to get tired of standing outside, and you are going to force your way into life's banquet hall and demand your place at the table. Someday.Give yourself the courage today to make the first step towards the things you have been talking for years about doing. A great gift it is, for it will enable you to act before the years have fled and taken with them the glory you had hoped to find in life.Paul Speicher.