Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Where risk exist,a person may wish to manage or ignore the risk .It is obviously unwise to ignore risk as its impact would be disastrous, hence the need for Risk Management is crucial.

The purpose of Risk Management is to devise methods of handing the risks faced by client. Therefore it is an organized approach to the problem of managing risks faced by individuals.

The Risk Management process comprises of a six-step process concerning pure risks involving identification, measurement, evaluation and treatment of property, liability and other losses exposure to any individual.
  1. Setting Risk Management Objectives
  2. Gather Information for Risk Identification and Evaluation
  3. Analyze Information to Identify and Evaluate Risk
  4. Develop Risk Management Plan
  5. Implement Risk Management Plan
  6. Review, Monitor and Revise Risk Management Plan
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What is Personal ,Property & Liability Risks?

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