Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Calling all potential consultants!! Mission: Hunt down potential consultants heavily armed with ambition and self-motivation. Consultants with entrepreneurial skills, creativity and hard work. Report any of these sightings directly to us! =)

Known as the Pioneer TEAM :"The Next Power Agency!", this agency is unique in many ways. Their vision is to internalize wealth awareness into people sub-conscious mind, provided the necessity of Insurance Network Marketing to expand wealth planning career opportunity to the next level. Their mission is to link, develop & promote Retail Financial Product & Services via Network Marketing and with the purpose to bring better life to every family.

The purpose of the existence as an agency is:

1. To provide a rewarding career opportunity for all those who seek to the WEALTH PLANNER in the industry

2. To serve our clients' financial needs

3. As a distributor of financial services, serve to contribute to the success of our wealth planners, agency and company.

Among the goals of this unit/agency is to see individual growth and development - personal consistent with Professional Wealth Planner using world class financial tools solving clients' needs, consistent market penetration rate and interdependent relationship (promote stability and retention of agents, consistently self check each other and help each other to grow)

There are also classes to teach you exactly what they meant by this. These class will reinforce your use of referrals as a primary recruiting activity, develop an effective warm nominator recruiting presentation and greater skills in getting potential recruits' names by using warm nominator presentation.

Among some skills and characteristics needed in the MAA Consultant Programme are:
- High Willingness to learn and willing to be guided
- Trainable and observant
- Ability to adapt to multi-task environment
- Good communication skills
- Aspire to succeed - able to take immediate action
- Has a thirst for good things in life and prepared to "Pay the Price" to get them
- Meticulous about his/her dressing and grooming
- Team player in an interdependent business environment
- Resourceful to create a legacy business
- Inner achievement drive
- Winner's attitude
- Excel in sports
- Has the desire to be an entrepreneur
- Financial freedom
- Opportunity to contribute to Society

Salary Range (full time):
RM1,500 - RM5,000/month depending on experience and qualification.

Interested candidates, please APPLY now. Interview and profile test will be conducted before you are qualified to be in the apprentice programme.
E-mail :ttong3@gmail.com
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