Friday, November 27, 2009

Entrepreneur versus Intrapreneur

* As entrepreneurs, we're here to help people solve THEIR problems and not for other people to help solve our own problems.

* The culture of the LEADER plays a very important role as to what kind of people you're going to have and whether you're going to have a long-term sustainable business.

* Choose to join a fantastic leader instead.

Is there a difference between being an Intrapreneur Vs Entrepreneur?

From our experience, intrapreneurship can only work if the corporate culture allows it to because the employees may begin to think very differently, they may start to take initiatives which may not even be what the organization or immediate boss wants.

To us, intrapreneurship is basically having a spirit of enterprise within an organization - and it means that you're taking initiatives and taking your job as you're running your own business. This means you Act In The Best Interests Of The Organisation.

You will want to help the company increase their profitability, to reduce the costs of their operations, to maybe spearhead or create activities, leads or launches
that will really add to the bottom-line of the organization.

It's really about continuous and never-ending improvement for an organization. And if you're taking charge of that, you will be known as an intrapreneur.

Every organization will value intrapreneurs because at any point in time, if there's a retrenchment exercise, who are the people they'll get rid of? The dead-weight. The
people who are just doing what they're told.. But intrapreneurs are people who are continuously looking for ways to create value for the organization. These people will be more valuable and you'll be the last to be affected in the downturn.

If you're an employee and perhaps even plan to remain one for the rest of your working days, we still encourage you to learn what entrepreneurship is about.

Why? Because the generalized principles as well as the skills that you need to develop as an entrepreneur are still applicable within an organization. In fact, it gives you an ADDED ADVANTAGE over those who do not have the skill sets of entrepreneurs.
Intrapreneurship has the same spirit as entrepreneurship but applied within an organization. We have met CEOs of companies who are hired CEOs and they are exceptional entrepreneurs.

The only difference between entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs is that intrapreneurs are GIVEN the resources they need to make decisions while entrepreneurs have to FIND their OWN resources. So what are some of the skills we encourage EVERYONE to learn? Examples are: selling skills, negotiation skills, creative thinking, understanding what is considered viable, strategies and business models, understanding how different factors affect the companies' profitability, and things like that.

These are precisely the skills we aim to provide in our Entrepreneur Action Program. Even if you don't intend to start being an entrepreneur tomorrow, would it be useful for you to have these skills under your belt, ready for you to use anytime you want? Think about it.
You can create your life exactly the way you want it.
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Wendy & Jerome