Friday, December 25, 2009

Health Tips

Just 10 minutes with your doctor to find out about a simple and effective healthy lifestyle.

Excessive weight will substantially increase the risk of several disease, particularly high blood pressure , heart disease , diabetes mellitus and cancer. Weight reduction , even in moderate amount of 5% to 10% can significantly decrease these risks. In addition to that , you will feel better and healthier.

How do you know whether you are overweight?
Body Mass Index (BMI) is a common measurement to check if you are overweight.

BMI=Weight (kg)/Height (m) x height (m)
A person with normal weight should have a BMI between the ranges of 18.5 to 23.0

Another simple way to know whether you are overweight is by measuring your waist

Waist circumference0 Overweight Obese
Male >90cm (35.5’’) >102cm(40’’)
Female >80cm(31.5’’) >88cm(34.5’’)

You are what you eat. All type of food like protein , fat, as well as carbohydrate, if taken in excess will contribute to extra calories and be stored as fat in the body.
Although dietary fat is rich source of calories reducing dietary fat without reducing total calories will not produce weight loss.

Physical activity is important in the effort to lose weight because it increases energy expenditure . Start with an extra 30minutes of walking a day or any of the following alternative below which are equivalent to 30minute of walking.