Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fund Performance

The Malay Mail hilite our Fund Performance
from 5th January 2009-4th January 2010
Our Growth Fund an Equity Type 5-Jan-09 at 0,289 cents and
at 4-Jan-10 at 0.425 cent . That is 49.3 % Growth
Last Tuesday the Malay Mail headlines hilites our MAA Investment link insurance that delivery high return for the past 1 year. The Growth Fund generate over 49.3% return from January 09 to January 10. Congratulation to MAA Assurance and also to our Fund Manager. MAA Assurance is proud to announce our 11th consecutive annual declaration for our Investment-Link Funds for the year ending 31 December 2009.Those who are interested to invest with us call our friendly consultants or our call center now or Tony for a free consultation. Choose Maaster Investment Plan (MIP) + Maaster Saving Plan (MSP) + Maaxlife for your Protection and Investment