Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Have you try out the McDonald Combo set or value meal ? It consists of a burger, french fries and  a drink such as Coca-Cola or Pespi. Why order a Combo set ? Because it is much cheaper compare with if you order the burger, fries and drink separately. Introducing our MAA MAAXCOMBO.... the comprehensive Protection, Medical and Savings plan for everyone. What is MAA Maaxcombo ? It is a MAAXLIfe investment link life policy attached with the Medical card, Personal Accident, Critical illness and Waiver of premium on Dread Diseases. The Medical Card provides you :

  • Affordable and Comprehensive Medical Coverage
  • Overall Lifetime Limit (10 times of Annual Limit ) up to RM1.5million
  • Daily Hospital Room and Board (up to RM400 per day)
  • Guaranteed renewal (up to age 80)
  • 5 plans to choose from
So say Yes, MAAXLife. Call our friendly consultants Tony at 019-3234605 or 603-21469226.