Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Attend the briefing on the importance of having a Zurich Medical card. Which card do you need for hospital admission ?
With this Zurich Medical card you just show to our 80 plus panel hospital for admission. Even the Prince Court Medical centre a 7 star hospital also accept our Zurich Medical Card. What happen if you do not have a medical card ? You have to used your own money or this  Maybank card ATM
A simple operation like appendicitis cost RM1800 3 years ago now may cost you RM3000 or more with our medical cost inflation at 15% per year. So make the decision to have a Zurich Medical card today.
The following are the report stating most of our EPF contributor withdraw from their retirement fund to finance their medical fee. So sad :{ 
A total of 93,914 Employees Provident Fund (EPF) members have withdrawn a total of RM500.8 million under the fund’s health withdrawal scheme since the scheme was introduced in November 1994.Our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said 71 per cent of them were those with monthly income of less than RM2,500, while 17 per cent comprised those in the RM2,500 to RM4,999 income bracket, RM5,000 to RM9,999 (nine per cent) and the remaining three per cent made up of those with monthly income of more than RM10,000.
“The EPF health withdrawal scheme is aimed at allowing members to withdraw money from their Account 2 to pay for the medical cost of critical illnesses suffered by themselves or dependents who are approved by EPF,” he said in a written reply to Senator Zamri Yusuf in the Dewan Negara today.
Najib, who is also Finance Minister, said last year, 4,601 EPF subscribers withdrew a total of RM37.3 million from their Account 2 for the health withdrawal scheme.
This year, as of June, a total of 1,794 subscribers had withdrawn RM14.4 million under the scheme, he added.
Meanwhile, Najib said that effective June 15 this year, the list of critical illnesses for the health withdrawal scheme had been expanded to cover 39 illness, from 13 previously.
The illnesses included apalastic anemia, blindness, kidney failure, Parkinson’s Disease, total permanent disability, leukemia and intellectual impairment due to accident or sickness. — Bernama 26/07/10
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