Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Medical Card Benefits

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When you purchase medical card insurance the most important features is the guaranteed renewal . Zurich Insurance Malaysia Berhad MedicaLife 210 medical card insurance guaranteed renewal up to age 80. The following are some of our Zurich insurance Malaysia Berhad MedicaLife 210 comprehensive medical benefits :
  1. Room and Board : No co-payment on upgrading
  2. Lifetime Limit = Six(6) times Overall Annual Limit as high as RM1.2 million
  3. Outpatient Kidney Dialysis Treatment : As charged
  4. Outpatient Cancer Treatment : As charged. Radiotherapy or chemotherapy including consultation, examination tests and take home drugs
  5. Hospital Supplies and Services : As charged
  6. Pre-Hospital Specialist Consultation : Inclusive of prescibed medicines
  7. Post-Hospitalisation treatment: Within 60 days from discharge
  8. Emergency Accident Outpatient Treatment : Within 72 hours
  9. Medical report Fees : Include registration fee and wrist band
  10. Best private hospitals in Malaysia including Prince Court Medical Centre and 87 more
  11. Hasslefree hospitalisation : Medical Card
  12. International Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Program
  13. Reasonable premium
  14. RM3,000 tax relief
  15. Available in 4 plans

All these important benefits and feature are your solution to expensive Healthcare. Act now ! Call Tony at 019-3234605 or to purchase a Zurich Insurance Malaysia Berhad medical card.
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