Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Medical Insurance Cards

I would like to hi lites the benefits and advantages of having a medical cards here after reading an interesting articles head line by the Sunday Star last weekend. Many people are buying insurance due to high medical cost. Rising medical costs have prompted more Malaysian to take up multiple health insurance policies. Insurance clients buying multiple medical plans to ensure full coverage.   Industry experts attributed the growing demand to healthcare costs escalating between 13% and 15% annually.Malaysian life expectancy also increase over the years due to improved living conditions and medical advancement. More patients are turning to private hospitals to avoid long queues at the public hospitals. Normally employers do not provide post retirement medical coverage for their staff so before retirement most of them buy their medical insurance first to avoid exhausting their savings should they be stricken with a major illness.
MAA Assurance Healthcare and Medical Insurance AVP said MAA have received very good responses towards MAA guaranteed renewable medical policy MAA ML210 unti age 80. By setting aside some reserve funds in the form of insurance premiums, a policyholder when faced with a claim on critical illness will not need to deplete theirs bank accounts, EPF savings or sell off assets to pay for medical treatment. Be smart and wise buy our MAA ML210 Medical insurance now.