Thursday, October 4, 2012

Zurich FlexiLife

Protection that grows with you..........On 1st October;2012 , Zurich Insurance Malaysia Berhad have launched a new Investment Link Policy call Zurich FlexiLife together with a Hospital Income Rider.    Zurich FlexiLife policy has a loyalty bonus. This is a brand new feature to the policyholders. You can choose the level of Protection, Savings  and Investment you need , all in one flexible policy.
Zurich FlexiLife provides a Loyalty Bonus of an additional 2% of the lowest premium collected over the last 3 premium years and is payable in the fourth (4th) premium year.
And as long as you keep making your premium payments on time, you will continue to enjoy the bonus on the sixth (6th), eight (8th), tenth (10th), twelfth(12th), fourteen (14th) and sixteenth (16th) premium year.
Loyalty Bonus is only payable in the form of unit purchase and excludes premiums paid for regular top-up and irregular top-up.
Hospital Income Rider to offset co-insurance in MaxMedic and provide additional income when hospitalised.
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