Monday, November 19, 2012

Zurich Sales Advisors

Malaysia Fastest Growing Sales Advisor Program

If this is you then you may be eligible for the program -
1.You have a business, or want to SERIOUSLY get into business (i.e. you have taken some steps)
2.You are between the ages of 18 -- 25
3.Your turnover is from $0 -- $750K annually
4.You want to be working ON the business, and not IN it
5.You want to ACCELERATE, EXPAND and GROW the business beyond yourself

Don't sign up unless you are really committed

This is the one thing we ask.

There is a lot to execute and deliver -- so only join up if you are willing to

get stuff done and create some serious IMPACT. Otherwise you are wasting your time.

Your Reward
Contact TOP 1 AGENCY No: 016-2328717